The Nanomedicine Translation HUB

Complementary to its strategic inputs as an ETP to shape and support public funding on the most promising areas of Nanomedicine, the ETPN has designed in 2014 unique technical infrastructures regrouped in a central instrument: the Nanomedicine Translation HUB. These free of charge services support and accelerate the development of the best Nanomedicine projects from innovative design to clinical development.


  • To create conditions for successful translation of nanomedical advances;
  • Help nanomedicine innovations to develop better & faster in Europe;
  • Increase the effectiveness of public investment in Nanomedicine;
  • Improve the health of citizens worldwide;

The Nanomedicine Translation HUB

  • Is a unique one-stop-shop to boost the translation of medical innovations to the market;
  • Offers custom mentoring, product characterization and GMP manufacturing;
  • Removes the specific roadblocks identified in Nanomedicine product development;
  • Is open to all: entrepreneurs, SMEs, industry, academic labs, etc;
  • Is a PREMIUM service, sponsored by the European Commission & 100% free of charge for beneficiaries;

The Healthtech TAB

The HealthTech Translation Advisory Board (TAB) helps to build successful businesses in Europe. The TAB is a unique group of seasoned HealthTech industry experts and entrepreneurs offering mentoring to shape & boost carefully selected innovative projects. Custom support, tailored to thee needs of each project: technology development, IP management, funding, partnering, regulatory, manufacturing, etc. The TAB is open to all: start-ups, SMEs, industry, academic labs, private inventors, etc.


The European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory (EUNCL) is a transdisciplinary characterization infrasctructure (physical, chemical, in vitro & in vivo biological testing) allowing to evaluate critical parameters reelated to medical nanomaterial interactions with bioological system: biodistribution, metabolism, safety profiles and immunological effects of nanomaterials. The EUNCL develops improved analytical methods (Standard Operating Procedures) to answer regulators’ needs in characterization of Nanomedicines. LEARN MORE.

GMP Pilot lines

EU funded projects for scaling up an existing good manufacturing practice (GMP) pilot line to a medium-scale sustainable manufacturing process for solid core nanopharmaceuticals and other medical nanomaterials. From grams to kilograms, to prepare future clinical assays.

  1. NANOFACTURING (gold nanoparticles)
  2. NANOPILOT (polymer-based nanopharmaceuticals)
  3. MACIVIVA (virosome based vaccines)


From ENATRANS to NOBEL: towards convergence of emerging EU HealthTech.

The Enabling NAnomedicine TRANSlation project ENATRANS was a Coordination and Support Action (C.S.A.) funded by the E.C. in 2015 to ensure the global coherence of the Nanomedicine Translation Hub and build a functioning supply chain of nanomedicine projects – mainly run by SMEs. ENATRANS has been a cornerstone to provide specific advice, guidance and recommendations to all nanomedicine actors dealing with translation issues and in need of assistance in specific areas of expertise. Since October 2017, the NOBEL Project, coordinated by the ETPN is a new C.S.A. aims at integrating Nanomedicine to other emerging medical technologies. In this new open framework, the great experience and track record of the Nanomedicine TAB benefits to its open version : the Healthtech TAB.