AG Ethics & Social Awareness

Ethical, social, and legal aspects have a large inpact on the acceptance of nanomedical Innovations by patients and doctors. Prediction of diseases, human machine interfaces and regeneration of body parts and big data analysis of patient data raise ethical and legal quations to be discussed and considered early in development processes.

Klaus-Michael Weltring

Klaus-Michael Weltring

Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Münster e.V., Germany


Benefits and challenges of this working group

Nanotechnologies applied in medicine enable new ways of predicting, diagnosing, and treating disease at the molecular level in an unprecedent way. This reactivates discussions on know issues such as right not to know, definition of sickness, or self determination.

Past realizations & accomplishments

The topics mentioned above have been discussed extensively in past projects such as Nanomed Round Table or Nano2Life and were published in several papers and books. Therefore, at ETPN there is no special WG dealing with these topics, but several experts can be contacted via the WG leader to get advice on certain topics from relevant experts.

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