WG Business Opportunities

WG Business Opportunities is an horizontal group that supports ETPN and its members to develop new business opportunities and facilitate business development activities.

Rui Sousa

Rui Sousa

former chairman

Business Opportunities WG

Vision of this working group

  • Contribute to the development of translation support services offered by the ETPN;
  • Provide quality content to foster nanomedicine development;
  • Increase ETPN members’ products and projects to medical and health technology industry;
  • Promote partnering opportunities and exposure through showcase events;

Benefits of being part of this working group

  • Access information about funding and investment opportunities;
  • Access new tools to increase project translation success;
  • Access peer-to-peer knowledge sharing;
  • Contribute to the construction of ETPN technological offer portfolio;

Past realizations & accomplishments

  • Setup and implementation of the Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board;
  • Showcase event of select Nanomedicine projects to the health and medical technology industry;
  • Showcase to MedTronic in Berlin during ETPN annual event of 2018;

Key actions

  • Establish relations with key industry and investment stakeholders;
  • Construct a ETPN technological offer portfolio to showcase to industry;
  • Contribute to the improvement of nanomedicine, health and medical technologies communication;

Would you like to ...

be exposed to and benefit from new business development opportunities in Nanomedicine?