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Accelerating the Digitization and Market Access of Emerging Technologies for Healthcare – The Pivotal Role of RTOs

In view of the preparation of the next EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe as well as the EU Digital Europe Programme, the EARTO Working Group Emerging Technologies for Healthcare hereby would like to present its four policy recommendations for the future of Healthcare research policies:

  1. Maturation of health technologies (from research to proof of concept ready for clinical studies) is a risky process: special incentives for RTOs to accelerate market access should be organised
  2. Support KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) projects and infrastructures to answer to the needs of innovative medtech SMEs
  3. Digital Europe initiatives for Healthcare should focus on security/reliability/availability of medical data
  4. Connecting Innovation Regional Hubs in health technologies would increase RTOs impact

Download the full strategy paper

A detailed analysis of those recommendations is available in the  paper you may download by clicking here : EARTO Recommendations on Digitization and Market Access of Emerging Technologies for Healthcare – 23012019


EARTO, the European Research annd Technology Organizations is a non-profit international association established in Brussels, where it maintains a permanent secretariat.

EARTO Vision: a European research and innovation system without borders in which RTOs occupy nodal positions and possess the necessary resources and independence to make a major contribution to a competitive European economy and high quality of life through beneficial cooperation with all stakeholders.

EARTO Mission: to promote and defend the interests of RTOs in Europe by reinforcing their profile and position as a key player in the minds of EU decision-makers and by seeking to ensure that European R&D and innovation programmes are best attuned to their interests; to provide added-value services to EARTO members to help them to improve their operational practices and business performance as well as to provide them with information and advice to help them make the best use of European R&D and innovation programme funding opportunities.

The Association represents the interests of about 350 RTOs from across the European Union and “FP-associated” countries (91 direct members, some of which are associations regrouping several RTOs).

The members elect an Executive Board to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association. The Board elects one of its number as President. The President and Board appoint a smaller number of Board members to serve as a Steering Committee.