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Start: Oct 30, 2019 - 9:00 am
End: Oct 30, 2019 - 6:00 pm
Venue:Trinity Hall, Cambridge, UK
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Your are invited to come and participate in a workshop related to use of nanomaterials in biomedical applications. The workshop is linked to the n-TRACK project Open Day, which is taking place at Trinity Hall,in Cambridge, UK on the 30th October 2019.

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Participation to this event is free but registration is required. Download this form and send it back filled to 

This would be a great opportunity to learn about the progress of the project, meet the project partners and learn about technologies they are developing related to nanomaterials in biomedical applications. We are also using this opportunity to invite guests and speakers that are not directly involved in the project, but interested in commercialisation of technologies being develop.

The nTRACK is a 4-year EU Horizon 2020 project that started in October 2017  that aims to develop a safe and highly sensitive multimodal nano imaging agent enabling non-invasive, quantitative and longitudinal stem cell tracking and whole body bio distribution. nTRACK will also provide information on cell (long-term) viability using the combination of CT, MRI and PET, which are imaging modalities that are clinically available. The synthesis of nTRACK NPs and cellular labelling processes will be scaled up and will follow good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements. A second goal is to establish a predictive model for early assessment of treatment effectiveness, based on short-term evaluation of the typical migration and bio distribution patterns of the stem cells. This predictive model could substantially improve overall management of the disease and will transform cell therapy treatment from “one size fits all’ concept towards personalised treatment.