Archive of upcoming and past events related with the nanomedicine community or with participation of ETPN.

Start: Jul 21, 2022 - 5:00 pm
End: Jul 21, 2022 - 8:30 pm
Venue:Online event
Event website:

Precisions Nanosystems organizes the follow virtual symposium on LNPS:

“We are bringing together industry leaders to showcase the possibilities of genomic medicine across applications, beyond liver delivery and mRNA, building on a common core of LNP technology. Learn about the next generation of transformative medicines, best practices of LNP formulation and optimization, and gain insight into the continually evolving science around RNA and DNA based therapeutics.”


Registration is free but compulsory, accessible here, on the PNS website


Dr. Nathaniel Wang | CEO & Co-Founder of Replicate Biosciences Inc

Presentation: Next Generation Self-Replicating RNA Vectors to Enable New Approaches to Immunotherapy

Nathaniel WangAbstract/Key learnings:

  • Next generation synthetic srRNA vectors can lower dose by orders of magnitude compared to current srRNA designs
  • Developing new srRNA products requires independent optimization of vectors, gene inserts, and delivery
  • Improved srRNA bioactivity enable new approaches for immunotherapies in oncology



Dr. Kalina Paunovska | Postdoctoral Researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology 

Presentation: Nanoparticle Single-Cell Multiomic Readouts Reveal that Cell Heterogeneity Influences Lipid Nanoparticle-Mediated mRNA Delivery

Abstract/Key learnings:

Kalina Paunovska

  • High-throughput LNP screening allows us to screen for many LNPs at once in vivo
  • Utilizing high-throughput screening to identify non-liver LNPs
  • Identifying novel chemical compounds through high-throughput screening
  • Using single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) allows us to identify LNP delivery to hard-to-characterize cell types
  • Using scRNA-seq to identify potentially toxic or immunogenic LNPs during early development


Dr. Gaurav Sahay | Associate Professor at Oregon State University

Presentation Title: Boosting intracellular delivery of mRNA therapeutics and its applications

Gaurav SahayAbstract/Key learnings:

  • Next generation LNPs for deliver mRNA for extrahepatic gene delivery and editing i.e., for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, retinal degeneration, and COVID-19 therapeutics.
  • eLNPs exhibit higher cellular uptake and retention, potentially leading to a steady release from the endosomes over time.
  • Next generation LNPs that enable tissue and cell-type specific delivery of genes and genome editors can revolutionize modern medicine.


Dr. Lloyd Jeffs |Director of Clinical Manufacturing Solutions at Precision NanoSystems

Presentation: Novel Ionizable Lipid Library for Enabling Non-Viral Delivery

Lloyd JeffsAbstract/Key learnings:

  • Leverage a library of novel ionizable lipids to design potential therapeutics
  • Identify, optimize, and scale-up potent LNP compositions using microfluidic platform technologies
  • Analytical validation of lead candidates