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Start: Dec 15, 2021 - 11:00 am
End: Dec 15, 2021 - 1:00 pm
Venue:Online event
Event website:

The REFINE DSS has been developed to support experts, innovators and regulators in the implementation of Intelligent Testing Strategies for cost efficient preclinical assessment of nanotechnology based medicinal products and medical devices. The ITS consist of testing methods and modeling approaches for the characterisation of the physicochemical properties of nanomedicine products.

On the basis of the provided input parameters, such as

  • the description of the nanotechnology based medicinal products and medical devices
  • their intended use
  • the available information on the structure of the nanotechnology based system (e g layers composition, core composition, etc APIs, excipients, buffers and impurities

the DSS guides the user through the physicochemical characterization of the nanotechnology based health product by recommending specific assays and prioritizing them according to several parameters, such as cost, duration and required expertise to run the assay.

The REFINE DSS is available here:

Register for the REFINE DSS Training course!

 On-line training course on the use of the REFINE DSS. Two hours event led by GreenDecision.

Hands-on session on the Physical-Chemical module of the REFINE DSS along a case study.

  • Date: 15th of December 2021, starting at 11.00 -13.00 CET
  • Free Registration: accessible here.

Program of the training course

  • 11.00 –11.15. Introduction to REFINE project Dr. Kathleen Spring (Managing Director at BioanalytikMuenster / REFINE Coordinator and Vice-chair of the ETPN)
  • 11.15 –11.30. Reasoning behind the development of the REFINE DSS Dr. Sven Even Borgos (SINTEF)
  • 11.30 –12.10. Presentation of the Physical-Chemical module of the REFINE DSS. Dr. Alex Zabeo (Green Decision srl)
  • 12.10 –12.30. Hand-on the Physical-Chemical module of the REFINE DSS. Dr. Alex Zabeo (Green Decision srl). Attendants will follow the instruction of the trainer to perform a specific case study.
  • 12.30 –12.50. Discussion and open questionsDr. Lisa Pizzol (Green Decision srl). 
  • 12.50 –13.00. Summary and Conclusions. Dr. DanailHristozov (Green Decisionsrl)

About Refine

The REFINE project ( has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 761104. REFINE project aims at setting up a Regulatory Science Framework ( RSF ) for the risk benefit assessment of NBM based medicinal products and medical devices.  REFINE will support safer, more cost and time efficient testing, in a framework that will remain sustainable beyond the project.