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Start: Apr 3, 2019 - 9:30 am
End: Apr 3, 2019 - 5:15 pm
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Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure, as the organizer of the first Knowledge Exchange Conference (KEC) of the REFINE project, to invite you to join us and contribute to this unique event.

The agenda is available here.

REFINE project aims at setting up a Regulatory Science Framework (RSF) for the risk-benefit assessment of NBM-based medicinal products and medical devices.

In this context, this first Knowledge Exchange Conference (KEC) will focus at capturing the experience and knowledge of sectors and communities which have been long using nano-enabled or nano-formulated products such as Food, Cosmetic, Chemicals, Medicinal product, Medical Devices.


Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

April 3rd, 2019

We invite you for:

  • Working on case studies of high interest such as experimental methodologies and approaches that makes the tool for the industrial translation and development of nano-specific products.
  • Engaging in a collective mapping exercise of nano-specific properties and products will take place where to match these against the list of regulatory needs that have been collected and prepared under the REFINE project.

Presentations and discussions will focus on the scientific findings that might be of relevance for regulatory decision making in their sectors or expertise (as lessons learnt).

As we aim at an interactive and productive exchange, I would like you to contribute to the workshop by firstly addressing these two aspects of relevance to the discussion around the RSF: the type of representative material you do use on your everyday profession, and the methodologies and approaches you have developed or adopted for investigating the nano-specificities or the challenges identified while investigating these.

OUTCOME of this KEC is also to align and prepare a joint contribution to the consultation for EAM Regulatory Science to 2025, Strategic reflection, perspective and to provide feedback on the regulatory framework development to the regulatory scientists and regulatory bodies.

ON BEHALF of the TEAM I look forward to receive your registration and seeing you there.

Please follow the registration link here after

See you in Amsterdam in April.

Simon Baconnier

CEA / Vice-chair of the ETPN Working Group on Safety & Characterization