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We are delighted to announce the election of the new Executive Board of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) during the General Assembly on June 19, 2023, at the University of Liverpool. The 2023-2025 term promises a blend of continuity and innovation, built on a foundation of diverse expertise, that will play a pivotal role in advancing the field of nanomedicine, under the lead of Prof. Raymond Schiffelers.

ETPN Board 2023-2025:Continuity and Innovation

The new ETPN Executive Board comprises several members re-elected for a second term, ensuring continuity while capitalizing on their experience and understanding of the ETPN’s goals and the broader nanomedicine landscape. This combination of established leadership and fresh insight is poised to spearhead new initiatives and sustain our ongoing projects.

The new Executive Board, with a strong representation of both academic and industrial expertise, is as follows:

  • Chairperson: Prof. Raymond Schiffelers, Professor of Nanomedicine, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands.
  • Vice Chairperson #1: Mrs. Kathleen Spring, Managing Director, Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Münster e.V., Germany.
  • Vice Chairperson #2: Prof. Steven Conlan, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Swansea University Medical School. UK.
  • Treasurer: Dr. Alexandre Superville, CFO, Jedha Bootcamp and Former project manager at the ETPN, France.
  • Secretary: Prof. Giovanni Tosi, Full Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE); Italy.
  • WG Nanotherapeutics Chairperson: Dr. Andreas Åslund, Research Scientist, SINTEF AS, Norway.
  • WG Medical Devices Chairperson: Dr. Lorena Diéguez, Research Group Leader, INL- International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and Co-founder and CEO, RUBYnanomed, Portugal.
  • WG Regenerative Medicine Chairperson: Dr. Meriem Lamghari, Group leader/Principal Investigator, INEB/i3S, Portugal.
  • WG Safety & Characterization Chairperson: Dr. Neill Liptrott, Reader in Pharmacology and Immunocompatibility, The University of Liverpool, UK.
  • WG Clinical Translation Chairperson: Dr. Marzia Bedoni, Head of Laboratory, Fondazione Don Gnocchi, ITaly.
  • WG Education & Training Chairperson: Dr. Marco Monopoli, Senior Lecturer, RCSI, Ireland.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to our outgoing board members, Fanny Caputo from LNE and Jack Barokas from Tel Aviv University, for their very significant contributions and dedication to the ETPN.

In their own words

Chairman Raymond Schiffelers shares, “I am delighted and proud to be re-elected as the Chairperson of the ETPN. We have made substantial progress over the last two years, and I look forward to leading the ETPN as we continue to strive for excellence.”

Dr. Neill Liptrott, the WG Safety & Characterization Chairperson, says, “It’s an honor to continue serving the ETPN community. Our work in the Safety & Characterization group is fundamental to the progression of nanomedicine, and I am excited about the future.”

Dr. Marco Monopoli, the WG Education & Training Chairperson, adds, “Education and training are critical pillars of progress in nanomedicine. I’m eager to further our efforts in building strong educational programs that cater to our growing community’s needs.”

ETPN General Assembly 2023: successful results, full support from members, interactive discussions for the future

The new board was elected at the General Assembly, a meeting that marks a critical time for our community to review the ETPN’s progress, review our good financial  health in details, deliberate on our future, and elect the new Executive Board. The event also kicked off Nanomed Europe 2023, a flagship event in the nanomedicine community which has probably been the most impactful conference ever organized by the ETPN.

Having spent the past two years modernizing the ETPN and positioning it to fully embrace the new opportunities under Horizon Europe, including the wider context of HealthTech4EU and the PPP IHI, we are ready to reap the rewards of our initiatives. Our recent involvement in ERA4Health serves as a testament to our strategic vision’s effectiveness.

Embracing the Future of ETPN and Nanomedicine in Europe

As we embark on this new term, we remain committed to fostering an environment that stimulates innovation, nurtures talent, and accelerates the translation of nanomedicine solutions from the lab to the patient. With an Executive Board characterized by its blend of academic and industrial expertise, we are uniquely positioned to face the challenges ahead and create a promising future.

We express our gratitude for your continued support and look forward to working collaboratively to make significant strides in nanomedicine.

ETPN Executive Board 2023 2025

Part of the ETPN Executive Board, at the welcome cocktail of the Nanomed Europe 2023 conference. From left to right: Marco Monopoli, Steven Conlan, Neil Liptrott, Andreas Aslund, Raymond Schiffelers, Giovanni Tosi, Marzia Bedoni, Kathleen Spring)