Job offers

Section containing job offers for positions at the nanomedicine community.



The School of Physics and Chemistry of Paris (ESPCI Paris)  is both an Engineering  School and a research institute of international reputation with a strong culture and scientific excellence (6 Nobel Prize). Teaching and research are at the crossroads of knowledge and know-how in physics, chemistry and biology.


Detection of Nanoparticles: identification and sorting


The Langevin Institute, one of the flagship laboratories of the ESPCI, has a marked vocation for the development of new experimental tools in a wide range of domains.

For this purpose, the recruitment of a postdoctoral researcher with experience in microscopy and microfluidics is scheduled in 2019.

The goal of this research is to distinguish different types of nanoparticles using endogenous (light scattering, Brownian motion) or exogenous (fluorescent) contrasts.

The detection and separation of such particles (vesicles, viruses, nano plastics, metallic nanoparticles etc.) is of interest for the study of the environment, medicine (phagotherapy), sequencing etc.

The separation in a microfuidic channel could be done by applying an electric field or by acoustic radiation pressure.

Required Skills:

  • The candidate should have an initial or advanced experience in microfluidics coupled with microscopy.
  • Knowledge of light scattering and / or fluorescence would be appreciated.
  • The management and interpretation of the experiments uses the MATLAB language with which the candidate should be familiar.