Job offers

Section containing job offers for positions at the nanomedicine community.

In tight collaboration with Grenoble Hospital, LETI and BIG institutes open 2 postdoctoral positions to hire young researchers willing to contribute their expertise and enthusiasm at the service of an ambitious « Pancreas-on-a Chip » multidisciplinary project. This project applies a range of interdisciplinary technologies and advanced approaches in microfluidics, 3D bioprinting, stem cells, and nanomaterials, to engineer devices that can recapitulate functional units of human pancreas.

The first postdoctoral fellow should have a PhD in cell biology. Previous experience in pancreatic cells biology (either exocrine or endocrine) is strictly required. A knowledge in microfluidics and interest in 3D bioprinting would be a plus. The second postdoctoral fellow should have a PhD in bioengineering field. Previous experience in the field of organ on a chip, 3D printing, and/or vascular networks is desirable. A knowledge in the field of pancreas would be a plus.

Duration: 24 months; Date of start: October 2018

For both positions the ability to fruitfully interact in an interdisciplinary team is strictly required, as well as a good English language skills.

Interested candidates should email their CV and application letter, including the contact information of two references (mandatory) to:

  • Dr. Fabrice Navarro, Head of Lab “Microfluidics and bio-engineering” (LETI) at:
  • Dr Xavier Gidrol, Head of Lab “Biomicrotechnology and functional genomics” (BIG) at: ( ;

Grenoble, France

About us

In the Grenoble MINATEC campus for innovation in micro and nanotechnologies the LETI INSTITUTE is an applied research center in microelectronics, technology information and health. Closely with hospital, universities and institutions of higher education, the Division of applied Technologies for Biology and Health (Leti HEALTH, develops new technologies to improve medical diagnosis and treatment of patients. At the interface between academic research and industrial development, CEA Tech Leti Health division has large laboratory facilities, equipped with clean rooms, microfabrication units and chemistry/ biology laboratories (L1,L2 safety levels) and also an international network of partners.

The BIOSCIENCES AND BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE OF GRENOBLE (BIG) develops multidisciplinary approaches with the aim of deciphering the molecular mechanisms behind major biological processes. Thanks to its environment and the state-of-the-art technological platforms available at the institute, BIG explores the dynamic architectures of “Life” at scales ranging from the atom to the whole organism. This multi-scale knowledge allows us, with our academic and industrial partners, to develop new Life-inspired devices. The technological breakthroughs made possible by this bio-inspired approach should lead to promising returns that will improve health and promote greater respect for our environment.