Job offers

Section containing job offers for positions at the nanomedicine community.

Dear colleagues from the European community of Nanomedicine, the ETPN is thrilled to present a new career opportunity in the evolving field of nanomedicine, focusing on Pharmaceutical and Technological Applications of Chemistry at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in Italy. This role is in collaboration with the HEAL ITALIA project funded by MUR-PNRR.

Post Date: 11-Sep-2023
Close Date: 26-Sep-2023
Contract Type: Full-time
Contract Duration: 3 years
Location: Department of Life Sciences, UNIMORE
Maximum Number of Publications: 12, including the Ph.D. thesis
Required Language: English

Job Description

The Researcher will partake in teaching and research within the framework of the academic courses delivered by 03/D2 – DRUG TECHNOLOGY, SOCIOECONOMICS AND REGULATION. The role involves contributing to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and postgraduate programs within the Department of Life Sciences.

The researcher will work on the project “Health Extended ALliance for Innovative Therapies, Advanced Lab-research, and Integrated Approaches of Precision Medicine – HEAL ITALIA.” Specifically, the role will require expertise in developing nanometric delivery systems, including stimulus-responsive and “theranostic” systems that synergize therapeutic and diagnostic functionalities.

More complete description of the position is available by clicking here.

Specific Duties

  • Conceive and develop nanometric delivery systems.
  • Design “theranostic” systems combining therapies and diagnostic components.
  • Contribute to teaching and student service activities in academic courses in the Department of Life Sciences.

Qualifications/Experience (Essential)

  • Proven knowledge and research activities in CHIM/09 – PHARMACEUTICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS OF CHEMISTRY.
  • PhD in a relevant field.

Application Process


Sigillo di AteneoUNIMORE, founded in 1175, ranks as one of Italy’s top universities for teaching and research. With over 27,000 students, including 3,500 postgraduates, the institution offers a comprehensive range of degree programs across 13 Departments, covering fields from humanities to engineering and life sciences.

Located in the vibrant regions of Modena and Reggio Emilia, UNIMORE is part of an area known for its high living standards and significant contributions to industries such as automotive manufacturing and agro-food. Modena’s cathedral and main square are UNESCO World Heritage sites, highlighting the cultural richness of the region.

This section contains general information on the UNIMORE University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: historygovernanceorganisationdepartments and schoollibrary and museum facilities.