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Participate in the ASTM Interlaboratory Studies on Liposomal Lipid Quantitation (summer 2023)

The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) invites its members to partake in a scientific initiative by the FDA/ASTM International Committee E56 on Nanotechnology. The committee is conducting Interlaboratory Studies to assess the precision and bias of liposomal lipid quantitation methods. This initiative offers participating labs the chance to contribute to nanomedicine’s evolution, particularly in relation to standardization and metrological needs. The ETPN also highlights the upcoming launch of the MetrINo project, an innovative European endeavor set to contribute significantly to the Nanomed Europe 2023 conference and the broader nanomedicine landscape.

The ETPN joins the new Nanospresso-NL project for the production of nucleic acid nanomedicine at the bedside!

The project proposal NANOSPRESSO-NL will be funded by the Dutch Research Council with a 9M€ budget for the next five years. NANOSPRESSO-NL will develop a disruptive technology to make lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of RNA and DNA at the bedside, initially for orphan diseases. The ETPN will be participating in this great innovative Nanomedicine project, notably to optimize its communication and dissemination activities.

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