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The NOBEL Project, a Coordination and Support action coordinated by the ETPN, aiming to support a faster and easier translation to the market of all emerging medical technologies like Nanomedicine, has just released a compendium providing useful information for anyone wanting to develop healthcare products in Europe and/or non European countries. Please find more info & download your copy of the compendium by clicking on this link below:

Testing, regulation and reimbursement of healthcare products : a compendium for successful translation by the NOBEL Project


About the NOBEL Project

The NOBEL Project (website here) is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the grant agreement #766492 of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. From precision engineering to smart connected HealthTech, and from academic research to the clinic, NOBEL is creating an European HealthTech ecosystem, for the convergence of nanomedicine with photonics, robotics, biomaterials, smart systems, Digital Health and Textile. NOBEL has three main missions (i) ECOSYSTEM: building a unique meeting place for all stakeholders from academia to industry, SMEs, clinicians and policy makers (ii) STRATEGY: shaping a common vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, the Continuum of Care, integrating the separate roadmaps of individual technologies, and showing how concretely  these medical technologies may improve the whole journey of patients, for a more, preventive, predictive, personalized and sustainable medicine. (iii) SUPPORT TO INNOVATION: accelerating transfer to market of the most useful disruptive medical innovation, through to the HealthTech TAB (Translation Advisory Board), a premium mentoring service offering free-of-charge tailored support to selected innovations by our team of world-class industry experts.