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Very nice meeting of the NOBEL Project last week in Milano, greatly hosted and organized by Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS. Two days to sharper our strategy for a #HealthTech ecosystem in Europe. Amazing visit of Don Gnocchi rehabilitation facilities including robots, clinicians and researchers brought together for the very best of patient recovery. A big thank to Jessica Matera, Marzia Bedoni, Valerio Gower & indeed Furio Gramatica from FDG. And a great thank also to the new members of our External Advisory Board: Julie Deacon, Manuela Arata and Denis GAUVREAU. Were in Milan with us: Nicolas Gouze, Simon Baconnier, Kathleen Spring, Sabine Tenbohlen, Klaus-Michael Weltring, Patrick Boisseau, Serge Bernasconi, Nicolas Van Mele, Jean-Noel Bouillon, Paul Galvin, Lisete Neves, Marta Catarino & Rui Sousa. A true pleasure for ETPN to coordinate this initiative with such a nice consortium! #MedTech #H2020 #HorizonEU

About NOBEL: The NOBEL Project builds a unique ecosystem in Europe for the convergence of Nanomedicine & emerging medical technologies. NOBEL is a Coordination and Support Action (C.S.A.) funded for three years by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement #766492.