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The end of the hype of #nanomedicine? Well… let’s talk about facts: 50 marketed nanomedicine, 100+ in clinical trials. Unique features, notably for smarter #drugdelivery of multiple drugs at the same time, delivery of fragile molecules like #RNA, etc. Read the new great collaborative open access article ““.

Congrats to CRS Nano, the Prof. Helder Santos Lab at University of Helsinki – one of our new ETPN member from University of Helsinky– and all other co-authors including Ruth Schmid, the chair of the board of the ETPN!


This commentary article conveys the views of the board of the Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery Focus Group of the Controlled Release Society regarding the decision of the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI) in halting funding for the Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNEs), and the subsequent editorial articles that broadened this discussion.

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