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Ruth Schmid , VP Marketing at SINTEF, has been elected new chairperson of the ETP Nanomedicine Executive Board during the General Assembly held on June 17th 2019 on the fist day of the Nanomed Europe 2019 event (NME19) in Braga, Portugal. She will lead the platform with the support of a brilliant and entirely renewed team, with notably Agnès Pottier (Head of Discovery at Nanobiotix) and Raymond Schiffelers (Professor in Nanomedicine at UMC Utrecht) as vice chairpersons. Meet the new ETPN ExBo! All working leaders will now complete the new team by nominating their vice-chairpersons, and open all together a brand new era for the ETPN, with the preparation of Horizon Europe as first objective!

ETPN Executive Board elected for 2019-2021

ETPN Bureau

  • ETPN Chairperson: Ruth Schmid (SINTEF AS)
  • ETPN Vice Chairperson #1: Agnès Pottier (Nanobiotix)
  • ETPN Vice Chairperson #2: Raymond Schiffelers (UMC Utrecht)
  • ETPN Treasurer: Philippe Mauberna (Nanobiotix)
  • ETPN Secretary: Kathleen Spring (Bioanalytik Münster)

ETPN Working groups leaders

  • W.G. Nanotherapeutics and targeted delivery: Matthieu Germain (Curadigm)
  • W.G. Medical Devices: Lorena Diéguez (RUBYNanomed / INL)
  • W.G. Clinical interface: Marzia Bedoni (Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi)
  • W.G. Safety & Characterization Fanny Caputo (CEA Leti / EUNCL)
  • WG Business Opportunities: Rui Sousa (TecMinho)
  • WG education & Training: Jack Barokas (Tel Aviv University)

Patrick Boisseau, ex-chairman of the ETPN, says:

ETPN General Assembly has elected in Braga on the 17th June 2019, a brand new Board much better gender balanced and with new young, skilled, experienced and committed scientists and industrials. This Board, led by Dr Ruth Schmid, VP Marketing at SINTEF and past president of CRS, has the delicate mission to shape the future of the ETPN in order to address the challenges of future healthcare delivery in a changing EC environment. Congratulations to Ruth and the whole new team and long live to ETPN!

Ruth Schmid, elected chairperson of the ETPN says:

Dear ETPN members! Having been elected as Chair of ETPN at a great event organized by the ETPN and INL in Braga fills me with motivation to serve the nanomedicine community in the next two years. Thank you for having elected me and trust me and the whole Board, a great team. The ETPN will enter a new chapter. Nanotechnology cannot go alone anymore, all key enabling technologies have to go together to offer holistic solutions for healthcare towards a more integrated continuum of care. I will together with the whole Board be an ambassador for the nanomedicine field and the nanomedicine community, to keep our role as THE THINK TANK for nanomedicine in Europe and  achieve visibility in Horizon Europe.

We are extremely proud of this new Board and wish all the luck and success for the ETPN !

Meet the new ETPN ExBo 2019-2021 here!