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Dear ETPN members, dear colleagues of the European Community of nanomedicine, on June 22, 2021 at 2PM (CEST), the ETPN will organize a public & free-of-charge webinar about the launching of the new opportunities for Nanomedicine in Horizon Europe (registration link). It will be followed by an online brokerage event for ETPN members only. More information about the program, speakers and process to join this double event can be found below.

PART 1) PUBLIC WEBINAR: open to all!

  • Start time : 2:0PM (CEST)
  • Length : 1 hour


  1. Introduction by Ruth Schmid, chair of the ETPN
  2. First upcoming calls of the Cluster Health in Pillar II of Horizon Europe – by Patricia Calado & Afonso Duarte  (AICIB – NCP of Portugal)
  3. Work Programme 2021 &  Business Acceleration Services of the European Innovation Council (EIC) – by Sara Jud & Iordanis Arzimanoglou (European Commission)
  4. Q&A with the audience

Register for free for this ETPN webinar!

  • This ETPN webinar is free of charge & open to all, but registration is mandatory, even for ETPN members.

About the Speakers

Ruth Schmid – ETPN, chair of the event

Ruth Schmid is Vice President Marketing at SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway, with a special responsibility for the field of medical technology, including nanomedicine at SINTEF. She has undergraduate education in organic chemistry and a PhD in physical organic chemistry from ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Ruth Schmid is the current chair of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and a Past President of the Controlled Release Society (CRS).

Her present research activities include the preparation and characterisation of micro- and nanoparticles by various technologies and from a wide variety of materials (including biodegradable polymers and hybrid materials), as well as the surface modification of polymers and polymer particles by wet-chemistry, to introduce tailor-made properties. Lately, focus has been on the encapsulation and immobilisation of liquids and solids from emulsions, for protection and controlled release. Another focus has been on coating of biomaterials by self-assembling methods and covalent attachment with biocompatible, biomimetic and functional coatings, e.g. for introduction of antimicrobial properties, for increased osseo-integration or for immobilisation of biological molecules. Fields of special interest are the emerging fields of nanomedicine, targeted drug delivery and release, nanotechnology-based diagnostics, and regenerative medicine. Ruth Schmid has long-term experience in translation from lab to pilot scale, e.g. through the development of the Dynabeads. She has business development experience, e.g. SINTEFs various drug delivery platforms. Total number of peer reviewed publications: 63; citations 2031; h-index. 20

Patricia Calado – AICIB

Patrícia Calado is a Member of the Board at the Portuguese Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB). She is responsible for the international relations and funding programmes and she coordinates the team of National Contact Points (NCP) and Delegates to the area of Health of the European Union Research and Innovation Framework Programme (currently Horizon Europe).

Patrícia is national Delegate and NCP for Health since 2015,  promoting Portuguese participation, giving specialist advice, taking part in strategic planning and ensuring links to nationally funded activities. She is also the Portuguese representative to several health research programmes and initiatives at EU-level and she integrates the national committee tasked with the definition of the roadmap for a national strategy for Genomic Medicine.

Patrícia has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Lisbon and a degree in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra.

Afonso Duarte – AICIB

Afonso Duarte is a National Contact Point for the European Framework Programme in the area Health.

Afonso has a strong background in the support of applications for competitive funding at National and EU level and in the technical coordination of Horizon 2020 projects in the area of health and digital health. In the recent years Afonso, has also been a liaison between research organizations and funding agencies in areas related with finance, legal and management of EU projects. He has collaborated with EU Infrastructures, acting as a liaison with the Health and Life Sciences communities.
Afonso holds a PhD in Biophysics and a MSc in Chemistry. He was formerly a Research Scientist, with 10 years of experience in the area of Life Sciences.

Sara Jud – European Innovation Council and SMEs
Executive Agency (EISMEA)

Sara Jud is a project adviser at the EISMEA Transition Activities and Business Acceleration Services Unit. The unit assists EIC supported researchers and innovators in bringing their innovations and technologies to the market through a range of business acceleration activities, such as coaching and access to global business partners and ecosystem peers. Sara is working on the EIC Women Leadership Programme and the EIC collaboration with other business acceleration service providers. Previously she has been also actively engaged in EIC prizes. She has graduated from International Relations.

Iordanis Arzimanoglou – EIC Program Manager for Health and Biotechnology

Iordanis Arzimanouglou has thirty-year postdoctoral international career. Since June 2020, he has been Programme Manager for Health and Biotechnology at the EIC, where he´s responsible for developing visions for technological and innovation breakthroughs. Iordanis has previously worked as EIC Coach & Senior advisor to genomic/genetic SMEs. Iordanis was the Chief Executive Officer at the Aarhus Biotech Clyster Company (BMF) and was Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedicine Aarhus University. Earlier in his career, he was Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York and prior to that, he was Chief of Cancer Genetics Research Program at Lennox Hill Hospital, New York. Before joining Lenox Hill, he was a research scientist in the Division of Medical Genetics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Iordanis holds a PhD from the University of Athens, Greece in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, a Boston University Graduate Certificate in international business management and performed his postdoctoral work in the Department of Medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York.

PART 2) BROKERAGE EVENT: for ETPN members only.

  • Start time : 3:30PM (CEST)
  • Length : 1 hour approx.
  • Program: ETPN members will be offered  the  opportunity to exchange about their interest in the various upcoming calls, pitch their proposals for collaboration & present their institution/department and their offers for collaboration in Horizon Europe during the online session.

Objectives of this brokerage event.

We are convinced that the community of ETPN members can help you to build stronger consortia. Our goal, as the official Think Tank of nanomedicine in Europe, is therefore to offer you the opportunity to express your interest in getting involved, as Project coordinator and/or Partner, in common proposals answering some of the first calls, notably those with a deadline for application by next September/October (final dates to be confirmed).

Become an ETPN member & join this event!

This brokerage event is for ETPN members only. They will receive all the information to join the event by email.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: the Work Programme 2021-2022 for Health of Horizon Europe has just been published. The information provided in this ETPN event should not be considered official. Please always refer to the official website of Horizon Europe: More information about opportunities to get involved in Horizon Europe might easily be found through your National Contact Points:

Dear ETPN members, dear colleagues we thank you very much in advance for your active participation and look forward to our first webinar & brokerage event regarding new opportunities for nanomedicine in Horizon Europe.