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Stakeholder consultation

The ORCHID H2020 Project, launches a stakeholder consultation his questionnaire aims at surveying the training needs of the Organ-on-Chip community to promote the Organ-on-Chip systems qualification, usability, uptake and long-term development in a variety of fields.
Organ-on-Chip applications in Basic Research, Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Safety assessment of Drugs, Cosmetics and Chemicals among others are facing an exponential arise in interest. Therefore, specific training is required on the production of such cell culture systems using advanced microfabrication techniques and adequate on-chip characterization of relevant cell functions. This survey is directed to those we considered to be the current and future strategic stakeholders in the advance and use of Organ-on-Chip. On the one hand, we aim at preparing scientists and technicians for new types of employment that will arise while, on the other hand, providing industry and academia with professionals able to keep up with innovation in the field. The answers to this survey will contribute to designing appropriate training programs to fulfil the needs of this emerging field.
  • The data resulting from the survey will be publicly available on the ORCHID website and disseminated on the project twitter account.
  • This survey contais 15 questions and will take around 15 minutes of your time.

Answer the questionnaire online

by clicking on the link.


The ORCHID project (Organ-on-Chip development) is an EU initiative, coordinated by Leiden University Medical Center and the Dutch Organ-on-Chip consortium hDMT in The Netherlands. The main goal of ORCHID is to create a roadmap for organ-on-chip technology and to build a network of all relevant stakeholders in this promising innovative field. In the ORCHID project that started on 1 October 2017 in total seven leading European research institutions are involved.